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Kirari Tsukishima, a gluttonous 14-year-old beauty, does not caring about idols and the party universe given her thoughts is reserved by food. Her obsession with food customarily causes her to be clueless about love. One day, after saving the turtle which is stranded in the tree, Kirari meets the vast as good as peaceful child declared Seiji, who gives her the sheet to the SHIPS (a renouned statue group) unison to uncover his thankfulness for her saving his pet. However, when Kirari shows up during the concert, an additional child customarily tears up her ticket, notice her to stay divided from Seiji given she as good as Seiji live in opposite worlds. The angry Kirari sneaks in to the concert, customarily to find which Seiji as good as the child who tore her ticket, Hiroto, have been essentially members of SHIPS. Finally bargain the definition of “different worlds”, Kirari refuses to give up posterior Seiji as good as declares which she will additionally turn an idol. However, being an statue requires tons of precision as good as talent. Faced with rivals as good as scandals, Kirari is dynamic to come out as the tip idol.


Kirari Tsukishima (月島きらり Tsukishima Kirari?)
Voiced by: Koharu Kusumi, Drama CD voice by: Miyu Matsuki
Kirari is the lovable as good as greedy 14-year-old lady who strives to be an idol. In the commencement she customarily longed for to be an statue so she can get closer to Seiji, though comes to identical to uncover business. She is clumsy, dense, overly guileless of others, as good as lacks usual sense. Despite her shortcomings as good as miss of talents, she manages to persist given of the assistance she receives from her friends as good as her invariable resilience. She has the singular evil of branch all inventive designs in to fungus shapes.[5] Over the march of the uncover she not customarily becomes an idol, though additionally performs the array of peculiar jobs to foster her association (or in the small cases to accidents).
Na-san (なーさん Na-san?)
Voiced by: Chigusa Ikeda, Drama CD voice by: Kumiko Higa
Kirari’s cat. He is an superb cat which can sew, cook, as good as do alternative chores. Na-san has perceived approval for his comprehension as good as singing abilities. As a mascot character to the heroine, he provides the lot of assistance to Kirari as good as protects her from danger. At the same time, it is additionally shown which he is the might cat which excels in both English as good as mathematics. His the the single preferred food is taiyaki.
Hiroto Kazama (風真 宙人 Kazama Hiroto?)
Voiced by: Akio Suyama (episodes 1-102), Takuya Ide (episodes 103-153) Drama CD voice by: Masaki Mimoto
A part of of SHIPS. In contrariety to Seiji, he is brutally honest as good as infrequently scathing with Kirari, though he is customarily the the single who ends up assisting her in gummy situations. He after falls in adore with Kirari, though hides his feelings as good as supports Kirari with Seiji.
Seiji Hiwatari (日渡 星司 Hiwatari Seiji?)
Voiced by: Souichiro Hoshi (episodes 1-102), Shikou Kanai (episodes 103-153) Drama CD voice by: Wataru Hatano
A part of of SHIPS, as good as Kirari’s adore interest. He is really rich. His relatives remonstrate with him being an idol. Throughout the commencement of the series, he seems preoccupied to Kirari’s feelings, though by part twelve he starts to execute feelings of possessiveness over Hiroto’s as good as Kirari’s accessible relationship. He knows which Kirari as good as Hiroto adore any alternative as good as which his feelings towards Kirari have been not as low as Hiroto’s feelings towards her. He is peaceful as good as says really enlivening difference to Kirari. Since he is as unenlightened as her, he regularly has the ease as good as clueless expression. When he is erratic around in the city, he disguises himself as an otaku.

Band section members

Noel Yukino (雪野 のえる Yukino Noeru?)
Voiced by: Sayaka Kitahara
Noel is the 14-year-old tomboy. She is really jaunty lady as good as loves personification sports. She is the part of of Milky Way.
In part 133, it shows which prolonged ago in class school, she had desired Cloudy.Cloudy has the vanquish upon Kirari. After anticipating out which he was starting to the dance with an additional girl, she never meets him again.
Kobeni Hanasaki (花咲 こべに Hanasaki Kobeni?)
Voiced by: Yuu Kikkawa
Kobeni is the bizarre fourteen years aged girl. She is customarily seen with the clear ball. She customarily wears glasses. She is the part of of Milky Way. However, she takes off her eyeglasses when she is behaving upon theatre with the alternative members of Milky Way, Kirari as good as Noel.
Hikaru Mizuki (観月ひかる Mizuki Hikaru?)
Voiced by: Mai Hagiwara
First looming in part 62, Hikaru was the thirteen year aged idol-in-training which was reserved to sense underneath Kirari’s wing. Initially, Hikaru resented Kirari’s influence, though after schooled to admire her confident nature. Kirari as good as Hikaru after group up to form the statue unit Kira Pika, though the span was prior to prolonged disbanded (It was the proxy unit). Hikaru continues her career as the soloist, as good as nonetheless it seemed identical to her loyalty with Kirari was busted in part 77,but in the finish they pardon any alternative as good as they have been still friends. Her childhood crony is Wataru.

[edit]Friends as good as rivals

Aoi Kirisawa (霧沢 あおい Kirisawa Aoi?)
anime voice|Chiwa Saito
Dubbed the “idol queen”, she is the renouned idol. She is really respectful as good as considerate. She advises Kirari to courtesy idols as good as fans similarly given they share usual feelings. She is really kind as good as helpful. And is Nojo’s 15th tip statue winner. Currently, Aoi is graduated from being an idol.
Arashi Amamiya (雨宮 嵐 Amamiya Arashi?)
Voiced by: Takafumi Kawakami
  • Age: 14
Kirari’s childhood crony who altered to Osaka. As an illusionist, he plays all sorts of tricks to get Kirari to give up the party universe so which she will perform their childhood guarantee of being his wife. Interestingly, the infancy of his tricks involves the conjuring of assorted sea creatures. He tends to mangle in to bomb nosebleeds when he comes in to hit with anything associated to Kirari.
Erina Ogura (小倉 エリナ Ogura Erina?)
anime voice|Masako Jo
  • Age: 14
Although she is an statue who belongs to the same association as Kirari, she views Kirari as the rival. Using her crybaby act as good as girlish charms, she manipulates others in sequence to meddle with Kirari’s progress. Attends the same ‘idol school’ as Kirari, as good as prior to hold the upon all sides of ‘princess’ in her class’ recognition ranks (before Kirari transferred.) By the public, her statue standing is hardly acknowledged, as good as she is deliberate ‘funny’ over ‘talented’. She has been saved by Kirari upon some-more than the single arise though stays utterly unrepentant to her. To progress her statue image, she attempts the squad bully image, finish with the kendo shinai and an austere-looking prolonged skirt.[2]
Fubuki Todou (藤堂 ふぶき Todou Fubuki?)
Voiced by: Noriko Shitaya
  • Age: 14
She is the single of Kirari’s toughest rival. Having to not long ago left from being the indication to an idol, Fubuki regards Kirari as not wise sufficient to be an statue herself. But in part twenty-six she realizes which Kirari was the same lady who helped her answer the doorway to get their cats. Fubuki is friends with Kirari, though is still her rival.
Izumi Amakawa (天川 いずみ Amakawa Izumi?)
Voiced by: Ryoka Yuzuki
Izumi functions in the same association as Fubuki as good as considers Kirari the opposition for Hiroto’s feelings. Although honeyed as good as desirable during initial glance, Izumi plays the stand in customary as good as rught divided shows loathing towards Kirari. Her feelings for Hiroto have brought her to the border of hidden Hiroto’s initial kiss[3] and injuring Kirari’s leg; these feelings customarily clever when Hiroto in the huff demanded her not to hold Kirari. During the conform show, Izumi’s temperament is referred to to be Hyoutarou Izumi, the childhood crony of Hiroto’s. Back when the dual were little, Hiroto betrothed to turn an statue section with him, though Hyoutarou’s family relocating distant them. Hyoutarou after satisfied which Hiroto had damaged his guarantee as good as teamed up with Seiji, which led him to aspire to Hiroto aggressively by apropos an statue underneath the guise of the girl. Although Hyoutarou’s temperament is referred to to Kirari, he becomes reduction of the earthy hazard to her; however, his feelings for Hiroto still sojourn strong.
Akane Minami (南 あかね Minami Akane?)
Akane is an statue operative for the Higashiyama company, the same association as Fubuki as good as Izumi. She is deliberate the tip idol, during the tip of the ranks with Kirisawa Aoi. She is really debasing to Higashiyama company, as they done her renouned in annoy of her incapacity to dance (after an damage she suffered during the immature age). She will do often anything she is ordered, together with harm Kirari’s idoling career.
But nonetheless she appears to be identical to that, Akane additionally seems to have altered as referred to in multiform episodes such as in part 71. Becoming the improved authority as good as many presumably the rsther than air blower of Kirari’s, Akane is apropos different in to the good encourage character.
Miku (みく Miku?)
Voiced by: Kumiko Itou
One of Kirari’s friends from her strange school.
Sayaka (さやか Sayaka?)
Voiced by: Kaya Miyake
One of Kirari’s friends from her strange school.
Rin Ibuki (伊吹 凛|Ibuki Rin?)
A womanlike model. She is, identical to Erina, regularly perplexing to better Kirari. She has the vanquish upon Hiroto as good as has the identical tiwn hermit declared Ren. She keeps upon revelation Ren to charm Hiroto. She competed in the Princess Tiara try-out with Kirari, though Ren was you do all the work. Not in any episodes.
Ren Ibuki (伊吹 冽|Ibuki Ren?)
Rin’s identical tiwn brother. He pretends to be Rin sometimes. He is the leader of Ciao manga repository manga award. He seems to deeply adore his sister (as the girlfriend), who customarily cares about Hiroto. He hates Hiroto.

[edit]Family members

Takashi Tsukishima (月島 天 Tsukishima Takashi?)
Voiced by: Chomenori Yamawaki
Kirari’s doting father who brought up Kirari by himself. He cooks vast amounts of food any day for Kirari. Although an tractable as good as kind person, he is primarily against to the thought which Kirari becomes an statue given he fears which their tighten father as good as daughter attribute will suffer. Later, however, he recognizes Kirari’s earnest per the statue commercial operation as good as starts to await her. In part 53, he quits his association as good as decides to open his own cafe.
Name Origin: “takashi” refers to sky or high
Grandmother (おばあちゃん Obaa-chan?)
Voiced by: Masako Nozawa
Kirari’s parents mom who gives Kirari her tone-deafness. She encourages Kirari to be an statue given she is the tip air blower of SHIPS (particularly Hiroto). She is really captivated to Hiroto as seen in part 34, when she pulled him divided from work as good as took him around the town, due to the actuality which he reminds her of her defunct husband. (But essentially Hiroto does not demeanour during all identical to Kirari’s grandfather). When she thinks about Hiroto, Hiroto starts to get the cold chill regulating by him.
Subaru Tsukishima (月島すばる Tsukishima Subaru?)
Voiced by: Shintaro Asanuma
Kirari’s hermit who now resides in America with the goal of carrying his own statue debut. He now studies behaving in New York. He looks incredibly identical to Kirari as good as initial appeared in part 20. He became sceptical of Kirari after saying how successful she was. He decides to personally costume himself as Kirari as good as takes over the single of her jobs, customarily to finish up with Kirari apropos ill as good as carrying her unison canceled. Kirari looks up to him really most as good as considers him her prince. He has the cat, Mr. Na, who he found the half the year prior to he visits home upon New York’s fifth avenue.
Urara Tsukishima / Luna (ルナ Runa?)
Urara is Kirari as good as Subaru’s mother. She is the critical singer as good as Luna is her theatre name. She initial appears upon part 97. She confesses which she is Kirari’s mom in part 101 as good as pleads Kirari to go to Hollywood though Kirari refuses as good as decides to sojourn in Japan, stability to be an idol.

[edit]Managers as good as producers

Chairman Muranishi (村西 社長 Muranishi Shachou?)
Voiced by: Susumu Chiba
Chairman of the association which Kirari as good as SHIPS go to. He recognizes the intensity which Kirari possesses as good as creates the lot of arrangements prior to as good as after she becomes an idol. He believes idols should be dealt with as individuals, instead of treated with colour as collection for their agencies. He additionally believes which both Kumoi-Kun as good as Chairman Higashiyama have been beautiful.
Kasumi Kumoi (雲井 かすみ Kumoi Kasumi?)
Voiced by: Michiko Neya
Kirari’s manager. Although outwardly the critical as good as humorless person, she is essentially gratified by Kirari’s eagerness to do her most appropriate in each situation. Seems to additionally identical to Chairman Muranishi as potrayed with fighting Chairman Higashiyama over him in part 71.
Name Origin: “kasumi” refers to haze, “kumo” refers to cloud
10 years earlier, she was an statue operative for the Higashiyama company. Her prior name was Hoshino Kasumi.[4]
Manager Shakujii (石神井 マネージャー Shakujii Manager?)
Voiced by: Hisayoshi Izaki
Erina’s debasing physical education instructor who tries to perform Erina’s each request.
Mr. Kama (Kamata Tomo?)
Kirari as good as alternative idols strain writer.
Chairman Higashiyama (東山薫子 Higashiyama Kaoruko?)
Voiced by: Naoko Matsui
Chairman of the association of Fubuki as good as Rhinoceros. She happens to have the vanquish upon Chairman Muranishi, as seen in part 71 when Kumoi-Kun as good as her where fighting over the authority . Originally, she used unwashed strategy to try to means Kirarin’s downfall, though after her most appropriate stars give up as good as Chairman Muranishi refuses to let her meddle with Kirari (he additionally begs her for help, upon his hands as good as knees), she softens the bit as good as instead concentrates upon creation tip peculiarity stars rsther than than sabotaging her anymore.[5]

[edit]Other animal mascots

Director Nezumi (ネズミ 会長 Nezumi kanchou?)
The executive of SHIPS as good as Kirari’s company. Although he is the mouse, he plays an critical purpose in selecting pursuit for idols. He predicts the destiny by moulding the skull in to the square of cheese or bread.
Kame-san (カメさん Kame-san?)
Seiji’s house house house house house pet turtle. Kirari believes in the childhood story of Urashima Tarō who discovered the turtle, as good as the good things happened to him. Since Kirari discovered Kame-san, she met Seiji as good as proposed her “sparkling revolution.” Kame-san was initial seen stranded upon the tree as good as Kirari saves him.
Na-yan (なーやん Na-yan?)
Voiced by: Miwa Kouzuki
Brother of Na-san. Kirari gave Na-yan to Arashi the single week prior to he altered to Osaka. Na-yan is the magician’s partner as good as has the speed of the thief. He loves money, especiallypennies. He creates appearances in the small of the episodes assisting Kirari, even when Arashi isn’t enclosed in the episodes.
Name Origin: His name is interrelated to Na-san as good as he says “yan” given he grew up in Osaka
TanTan (たんたん TanTan?)
Voiced by: Koichi Sakaguchi
Erina’s dog which shares the same nasty celebrity as her.
Mr. Na (Mr.なー Mr. Na?)
Voiced by: Megumi Shinkawa
Subaru’s small cat lifted in America. He loves to eat pizza. Subaru found him half the year prior to he earnings home in part twenty upon New York’s fifth avenue.
Mya-san (みゃ~さん Mya-san?)
Voiced by: Hisayo Mochizuki
Fubuki’s conceited cat which loves to fool around pranks upon others. He is essentially Na-san as good as Na-yan’s brother
ToriDoshi (とりどし ToriDoshi?)
Fubuki’s house house house house house pet chicky with good strength. Also called Bird year. Along with Mya-san they have been both irrevocably intelligent as shown with regulating the phone to place the opinion for Fubuki-san during the Idol foe with Kirari.
Chairman Higashiyama’s house house house house house pet alligator with good strength in the tail.
voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara
He is Noel’s cat. He respects Naa-San.
voiced by Noriko Shitaya
She is Kobeni’s cat. She loves receiving the bath.
She is Izumi’s house house house house house pet as good as is initial in error for the child cat. She wears eyeglasses as good as has the vanquish upon Naa-san.

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