Mano Erina: A True Idol

 From my point of view Mano Erina is a brilliant idol, if a ‘safe’ one. She managed to merge retro and modern, cuteness and beauty, charm and mystery.

Mano’s debut as a soloist perhaps surprised people at the time, but she went on to achieve many things: 3 indie label singles, 13 major label singles, 3 studio albums, 1 compilation album, several acting roles, 5 solo photobooks . . .
All these things she achieved with a welcoming, girl next door aura that made her as an idol.

Manoeri’s music releases have been varied, ranging from the piano balladry of ‘Manopiano’ and ‘Otome no Inori’, to the super cute ‘Sekai wa Summer Party’, to the electro-pop ‘Onegai Dakara’. However, all of it comes together because of the way Mano chooses to perform it.

Today, Mano Erina graduated from Hello! Project. She hopes to become an actress and I am sure she will be able to fulfil that dream. Good luck Mano-chan and thank you for everything up until now, and of course everything still to come!

 Mano Erina in the short film ‘Miyuki’s Wind Bell’

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