Miss Earth 2012, Miss Nagma Shrestha.

Well, I know its Miss Earth Nepal 2012. But for me, Nagma Shrestha is already The Miss Earth. All her hard works, patients, dedications, extreme improvements, and everything makes her the perfect Miss Earth.

Our Nagma in her Hotel room, Philippines, Manila.(She reached there yesterday 3rd Nov) 




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And yes, we are done with our training
session. Wishing all the very best to our Gorgeous Nagma
Shrestha. Almost 3 months training and she is all ready to rock. And she is
even ready with everything that is required to be The Miss Earth 2012. Under
the extensive training of Mr. Sakil Kunwar and Bipen Mickey Gurung, now Nagma
is all set to fire the stage in Philippines, Manila.
And we also like to thank Mr. Sayal
Shrestha for his helping hand to make our Nagma to look more beautiful.
Days were been so much tiring and even hectic
sometime. But, still we managed to push ourselves to make it much better. It’s
such a memorable time that we all spent together. And not only you but we also
did learn so many things from you.
Very proud of you.  And we are looking forward towards the good
result of yours in Miss earth 2012. 

As of now, let me tell u about the voting system, where you can actually show your support to our very beautiful Nagma Shreatha.

  1. http://www.missearth.tv/delegates_nepal.php (Official Website of Miss Earth 2012, Click to this and vote for Miss Earth Nepal Nagma Shrestha for Miss Photogenic.)
  2. http://missosology.org/missearth/contestants
  3. https://www.facebook.com/missosology.info
  4. https://apps.tradablebits.com/fb_app/491017290911810/191924250914374 (You can vote her for almost 5 times in a day, so keep on voting her. For voting please do login to your facebook 1st.)

Miss Earth 2012 Eco Beauty Online Video Voting Contest. Simply, what you need to do is, watch this video in youtube and like the video. Comment will be the additional point to her. So, do view and like the video.

Her Another Project. Litre of light.

A light you can actually make with help of water, plastic bottle and bleach. A country like ours, where electricity is a major problem, our Miss Earth Nepal has brought us new idea to light the darkness.

Journey till today of Nagma Shrestha.

Contestant no. 4
Group Picture in International club, Sanepa.
And She was announced Miss Earth Nepal 2012. A moment to be shared for a whole life. 
Miss Earth Nepal Nagma Shrestha with Miss world nepal Shristi Shrestha and Miss International Nepal Subeksya Khadka.

And from this moment her actual walk towards to another success started.

Trendsetter, Vootoo Entertainment fashion Night out. 

Healthy Life photoshoot

Little Miss World 2012, With Subeksya Khadka

SDI Nepal

at Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park

And her works continue……………

And her Training (Which might have made her go crazy sometime, lol)

With Sakil Kunwar at Bijoux: L’esthetique.

The look Nagma Shrestha would be sporting at her Mis Earth Pageant. Specially tailored by the experts in Bijoux: L’esthetique.

Headgear made by Bipen Mickey gurung for 

With Bipen Mickey Gurung in Jasmi spa. 

With Sayal Shrestha, Bijoux: L’esthetique. 
With Sneha Rana.

Special and very Much thanks to the Awesome Designers, Who have worked really hard to make our Nagma Shrestha to look more stunning.

Subexya Bhadel, Crossroad Apparel. She is the most spontaneous and hard working Designer. Her charming personality garbed me from inside. She is person with a very sweet heart. Subu Di I Love U a lot.

Bishwo Gautam, Designer Collection. Hats off for your hard works. You have done a lot and its really impressive. Nagma Shrestha is flaunting his Gown in the Finale.
Tenzin Tseten Bhutia, His design took my breathe away. You all need to see his design in 1 of the contest where Nagama Shrestha will be flaunting him.
Nuzhat Qazi, Thank you so much for helping Nagma with her National Costume. 


House of Vintage, Durbarmarg.

Men Behind the scene (lol):

Sakil Kunwar, The Best Trainer . His Training is awesome and i guess he is better then any1 else. His guidelines are amazing. Training and grooming almost every Miss Nepal, he stand 1 and only TRAINER who is giving fantabulous training to these Miss Nepal to get closer to the Title. Recently, he trained Miss World Nepal 2012 Shristi Shrestha who placed into top 30 and positioned 23rd  in the Miss world 2012. 

Sayal Shrestha

And Me, Bipen Mickey Gurung lol……..

And Finally, the video everybody was asking us to post, her talent round performance. It was a very busy day and we were all tired but still Nagma pulled herself to present better. But she can do better then this. Very much proud with the improvement she brought to me everytime. You are 1 of the best student i ever got. Your sincerity, willingness and your hard works are something that made me stand everytime and feel proud about it. I AM VERY THANKFUL TO YOU THAT YOU CHOOSE ME TO BE YOUR TALENT ROUND TRAINER. Love you much.
To view Nagma’s Dance click the link below.

Sorry if i have forgot to mentioned any other name out here. 
Wish to write more but i guess, its too long……
anyway thank you so much…..

Please keep on voting our Nagma Shrestha, and help to get closer to the title.
Your voting counts a lot. Thank you once again.

Jai nepal.

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