Inuneko Report

I introduced the showing event of a film Inuneko before. It was held last Sunday. I want to write about this below.

The showing was taken place twice, and both of them were practically full. After that, Director of the film Nami Iguchi talked about the film in front of the audiences. They also asked a lot of questions. They appeared to be satisfied with the showing and the talk, so I, a volunteer staff, was very happy.

After this event, we held a drinking party. I talked a lot with Director Iguchi over delicious food and drink. She told me how hard it is to finish a film, how strong power a producer has, her new film information, and so on. It was very valuable experience for me to be able to talk with a great and famous director.

Finally, I will give you information. 8mm version Inuneko DVD is released August 26(35mm version DVD is on sale). If you are interested in these films, please watch them. I hope you’ll enjoy them, and I’m looking forward to talking about it with you.

Auf der südhalbkugel sind die verhältnisse entsprechend umgekehrt

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