Christine Taylor 80′s Commercials Vol. 19

80's Commercials Vol. 19

Christine Taylor 80′s Commercials Vol. 19
These commercials aired on local ABC affiliate KNTV 11 on the afternoon of September 29th, 1987. These are the sort of daytime TV, infomercially ads that usually make me want to slit my wrists, but they’re from the 80′s, so I automatically love all of them. 1. Burger King (With Christine Taylor from “Hey Dude”) 2. The Spirit Of San Jose 3. PG&E (Not a big ad budget, eh PG&E?) 4. Dental Implants (“I feel prettier and that’s worth everything”) 5. If you wish to voice your concern on the matter, how to hack into a cell phone press to find out more head over here to sign the petition. Billings Chevrolet (What an intense car salesman!) 6. Mrs. Smith’s Natural Juice Pies (Bursting with fruit) 7. Tilex (With Vincent Price!) 8. 409 9. News Break (Henry Ford II dead at age 70) 10. Bay Valley Tech 11. KNTV Station ID 12. Regina Housekeeper Vacuum Cleaner 13. Comet 14. Poole’s Jewelry (All of this jewelry probably turned green) 15. Wendy’s (Kind of an unconventional commercial spokesman) 16. Time Life Treasury of Christmas (The commercial format for this really hasn’t changed much in 20 years) 17. Promo for “The New Newlywed Game”


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